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Richard "Jay" Edgar

Libertarian Candidate for 4th District US Congress


As the population of our planet grows, humans require more resources and land to live on. Many third world nations cannot support their burgeoning populations. Peasants live in their own waste. They burn wood and dried dung for heating and cooking. In 1994 India's per capita gross national product was one-eightieth of the United States and their under five mortality rate was almost 10 times the United States. Their expected life expectancy was 20% lower than the United States.

Fortunately, we have the resources in the United States to be able to afford the technologies that improve our environment. In the past two centuries the expected life span has jumped from the low 30's to the the low 70's. This was because of technological advances in healthcare, sanitation, and agriculture. As our population grows the economy must grow along with it. A healthy environment is best sustained through a robust free market economy.

With our growing population, we must remain cognizant of our effect on our environment. We must enforce environmental protection laws that respect private property rights. Private property ownership ensures proper stewardship of land. Aristotle noted over 2000 years ago, "what is common to many is taken least care of, for all men have greater regard for what is their own than for what they possess in common with others." This is evident in the destruction of rain forests in the Amazon, the devastation of the American Buffalo by the Indians and early settlers, and the pollution in Eastern Europe.


We must make polluters responsible for the damage they cause. Polluters must be forced to pay to clean up their mess. The taxpayer must not be forced to foot the bill, individual polluters (including individual corporate officers) must be held responsible for any pollution they cause.

The Federal government contributes to environmental devastation more than any other company (See Kubby on the Environment) According to the Boston Globe, "federal agencies have contaminated more than 60,000 sites across the country, and the cost of cleaning up the worst sites is officially expected to approach $300 billion, nearly five times the price of similar destruction caused by private companies."

End Subsidies to Pollute

Farm subsidies cause overuse of land and resources. As my platform discusses, our current farm policy encourages overproduction. This has the effect of increasing total use of pesticides and fertilizers.

End tax incentives to pollute

As a favor to big business the federal government provides tax breaks to business who buy big gas guzzling vehicles (section 179 of the tax code). See bankrate.com's list of SUV's that qualify and selfemployedweb.com article on section 179 of the tax code.

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