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Richard "Jay" Edgar

Libertarian Candidate for 4th District US Congress

Radio Ads

I was inspired by the Third Wheel Group to investigate radio ads and have found that they are affordable to run on NJ101.5 as long as you are running them as a federal candidate. The cost of the ads vary from $45 to $285 depending on the day and time of day they run. I would like to run them about 15 times in a variety of timeslots in the week before the election costing just over $2000. However I can not afford to finance this myself. If you like the ads and would like to give NJ radio listeners a chance to hear them please donate to the effort.
If any other campaigns would like to use these ads contact me and I will help you edit the commercial for your use!
Believe hi-mp3 (Many thanks to Dave Packer for this remix)

F****d lo-mp3 hi-mp3

Soliloquy lo-mp3 hi-mp3

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